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A scam of 200 million of Euro is blocking the busiest intersection in town. No one will ever have any peace in Iasi. The project is ILLEGAL

9 Iunie 2019
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Victor Semionov si Martin Slabbert

• On Teba Industry land, there is going to be built the residential project- Silk District • There have been announced offices with a capacity of 14.000 employees and 2.500 apartments • On the adjacent streets, there is going to be chaos in traffic, since there is going to be a number of at least 15.000 cars • The entire pompous yesterday presentation is nothing but an ordinary blackmail for the City Hall • The representatives of Prime Kapital are optimistic that they will obtain the building permit • The project is blocked in law court and the City Hall of Iasi, reclaims the land • "The notice of opportunity is advisory. I am not going to give up any piece of land, of the heritage of Iasi municipality, if I can recover it. It may belong to Prime Kapital, it may belong even to USA. If we can bring it to Iasi municipality, we will work for that. We won’t take any information for granted, until the law court shall pronounce itself ", said the mayor Chirica. 
• The trial will be judged by the judges of Iasi Law Court, on the date of May 29. 

A real estate project of 200 million of Euros was officially presented yesterday, by the Prime Kapital beneficiary. On the site of 10 hectares that belonged to Teba Industry Ltd., it would be built a residential complex, known as Silk District. The South African officials from Prime Kapital, explained that the first works, would be started in the first quarter of next year and that the entire complex will be completed by 2024. But, there are question marks about the legality of this project. The architects who must have issueed the notice of opportunity, rejected the project, several times. That is, until two weeks ago. Then, they took advantage of the absence of some architects and they voted in speed.  At the same time, according to Prime Kapital presentation, Silk District will have 100.000 square meters of Class A office, which will have a capacity of 14.000 employees. There can be also added 2.500 apartments. In this capacity, it is assumed that in the area, there will appear at least 15.000 cars. 

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